under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and is exempt from the provisions of Chapter III B of the RBI Act, 1934.As an organization dedicated to the socio-economic development of rural/semi urban communities, Sagun Finance is also looking to facilitate additional services to its clients through alliances with other organizations in the area of health, education and vocational training.

Presently organization is engaged in microfinance operation and operating through 4 branches. The loan amount is utilized for various income generating activities like small shops, small trade, animal husbandry, paidal rickshaw,  etc.

Main focus of the organization is to enhance the income of households and improve the status of women in the society. It is important to mention here that income of the households has increased to a certain extent and most of the clients are now entitled for 2nd cycle of loan therefore, the average loan size will improve by about 30%. However, there is large portion of the population who are yet to be covered under financial inclusion, therefore much scope to expand.

Sagun Finance, one of the leading and respected voluntary organisations of north India. Sagun Finance has been started with the objective of economic empowerment and financial inclusion of poor and low income people in the villages. The number of self help groups in the community has increased phenomenally in the recent years, with matching increase in the demand for credit.

The nationalised banks have definitely made an entry in the rural markets, yet there is a huge discrepancy between what is decided at their policy level and what is implemented at the grassroots. The organisation realised that a chain of economic development has set in through SHGs, and unless the demand for credit is met timely, this chain would not be able to sustain. Hence the organisation launched its microfinance programme in January 2017 with its own fund of Rs 15 lakh.

We have a firm conviction that if the women are economically empowered, these families can be socially and economically uplifted.

Sagun Finance provides microfinance products and services to rural, semi urban and urban women on a commercially sustainable basis.

“To provide a commercially viable and socially relevant financing option to the lower income group and there by participate in the integration of this group in to the prospering Indian middle class.”

“To make a measurable economic and social impact on the lives of the lower income households by carrying out various microfinance initiatives and creating environment friendly livelihood opportunities.”